When Your Laptop Crashes

December 15th, 2015
by Laggin' Len

When your laptop hard drive crashes, you might think that it is the end of the world. You might think that you have lost all your pictures, documents and data stored within your laptop. But the truth is, your hardware and your software are two distinctive things. Although your hardware might not be functioning, there is a high probability that your data is still safely stored inside your hard drive.

Laptop drives are very recoverable.

Laptop drives are very recoverable.

Laptop data recovery is the process of recovering data within the hard drive of a non-working piece of hardware. By removing the internal hard disk from the old laptop, connecting it to a working laptop or personal computer and using the appropriate tools and skills to access the hard drive, we can access and restore the data in the hard drive of our malfunctioning laptop! By moving files and data from the old hard drive into your working laptop or personal computer, important and confidential information will be able to be viewed on your working laptop! Nevertheless, laptop data recovery is not an easy task and you might want to enlist the help of a professional or a computer expert. But all in all, we are here to tell you that with laptop data recovery, all is not lost when your laptop crashes!

Recovering Lost Data

Computers and laptop are prone to breakdowns and malfunctions, especially those that have been in use for several years. If your laptop or PC breaks down, do not panic as the information and data from with the laptop or PC can still be restored. IT professionals and experts have developed ways to extract data from old hardware.

The first step is to take apart the old laptop and gently remove the hard disk from inside. Next, the hard disk is connected via USB to a working laptop. And using the working laptop, the data inside the internal hard disk can be extracted and saved into the laptop. With the proper software to access the hard disk, computer experts can easily restore data, which you thought was lost! So the next time your laptop breaks down, get a computer technician to help you with the laptop data recovery process. On the other hand, if you are not willing to pay the price, and want to try it out on your own, search the Internet for step by step guidelines on how to remove and restore data from an old internal hard disk. Always remember that laptop data recovery is available when you think you have lost it.

According to Phil Davis, data recovery technician at Hard Drive Recovery Associates in Irvine, CA, hard drive crash or failure occurs when the hard disk does not function normally and the information stored on the data platters cannot be accessed using conventional ways. Hard disk crash occurs due to various reasons like errors during regular usage, direct impact (dropping your laptop onto the floor) and contact with fire, water or magnetic waves.

There are several ways to retrieve data from a hard drive which is faulty. If the circuit board is the cause of the problem, the most common solution would be switching a new circuit board by using a similar hard disk. This is a delicate procedure and should be carried out by experts who have the proper tools in a dust free environment. Besides circuit board malfunctions, hard drive crash might also occur due to disk-platter failures and logical damage. A hard drive crash does not mean losing all your precious data and confidential information. Most people face hard drive crashes at least several times throughout the course of them using computers and laptops. Always remember, there are computer experts and professionals who can provide you with the service of extracting information from your faulty hard disk and helping you to fix your disk back to tip-top condition.

A lot of people store stuff like photographs, documents like working data and various type of software on their laptops and personal computers. Some people have the habit of regularly doing a backup of their data while some others forget or just can be bothered. And once their hard drive crashes, a lot of people think they are in deep trouble. But the truth is, a hard drive crash issue can be solved. There are ways to repair a malfunctioning hard drive and to extract the information and data stored inside.

Hard drive crash occurs due to several factors. Physical failure happens when there is a breakdown of the mechanical parts, which make up the hard disk or there is a problem with the hard drive circuit. Logical failure on the other hand occurs when previously recorded information becomes unreadable or unorganized. This will cause the hard disk to be corrupt. No matter whether it is due to physical or logical failure, hard drive problems can be solved with the help of computer experts. By taking out the hard drive from your laptop and studying what went wrong, these experts can pinpoint the problem with your hard drive and take the proper action to ‘cure’ it. So, do not fear if your hard disk fails on you, as there is hope to recover your data.

Hard drive crashes can be a real pain when you have loads of data stored on your system and there is no backup. Most of the time, it would seem that you never have any means of retrieving the lost data. However, developments in technology have created a great harddrive recovery technique by which any digital data is never permanently lost. There are ways to recover it for sure. This is true for physical damage as well as logical damage to the hard drive.

Though expensive, data recovery experts like HDRA have all the expertise to recover hard drives that have been damaged. Physical damage can be in the form of broken disks, burnt drives, etc., while logical damage can be failures of the circuits and the actuator arm. Whatever be the damage, data recovery techniques have truly grown enough to recover hard drive of any condition. However, before approaching the experts, you can check out whether the problem is really with your hard drive or your operating system by removing the drive and using it on an another computer or operating system. If it is the latter, then all that is needed is reinstallation of the system and there is no need to recover hard drive problems.

Reviving Failed Hardware

The technology to recover hard drive systems is a great help for those professionals who might not have time sometimes to create ample backup and are faced with hardware crashes. Hard drive problems occur due to the malfunctioning of the circuit boards and the actuator arm. This is an ever present menace because of the fact that any piece of machinery is bound to fail at some time. Unfortunately, sometimes, hard drive crashes hit when one is most unprepared. However, it is a piece cake for the hardware experts to recover hard drive.

The malfunctioning of a hard drive might not always be because of a faulty drive. It can also be due to some problem with the operating system. This can be checked by removing the seemingly faulty drive from the system and connecting it to a different computer. In most cases, the hard drive will open in such a new system. However, if the drive does not open even in the new computer, it surely is a failed drive and needs expert attention. The catch here is that repairing can be a most expensive affair and there is usually no guarantee that the repair will be successful. So, one has to double check the credentials of the expert when trying to recover hard drive systems.

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